12 Days of Christmas & 12 Reasons to Specify PVC Doors & Windows

12th December 2014

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride but is often referred to just as vinyl. PVC is a thermoplastic which means it can be re-melted and is therefore recyclable.

12 Reasons to Specify PVC Doors & Windows

Unlike the other thermoplastics which are entirely derived from oil, PVC is made from 57% salt which gives it some unique technical properties and helps it to deliver unbeatable value. Lingering negative perceptions about PVC are based more on ignorant prejudice than sound scientific facts. Full Life cycle assessments (LCAs) demonstrate PVC’s advantages versus alternative materials based on real sustainability criteria. So our 12 days of Christmas PVC are:

All our systems are designed with the following principles in mind:

  • PVC is safe - Track record over 50+ years
  • PVC is versatile and durable - Light, tough and long lasting
  • PVC preserves fossil fuels - Salt is the primary raw material
  • PVC uses less primary energy - Consuming less energy than any other plastic
  • PVC has a smaller Carbon footprint - 10% of the production of cheese & aluminium
  • PVC delivers better value - On a cost to performance ratio against wood
  • PVC saves more energy - Accounting for most A rated windows in the UK
  • PVC performs well in LCA studies - For multiple building materials
  • PVC is fully recyclable - Over 300,000 tonnes recycled each year
  • PVC keeps its promises – Being recognised by the UN for sustainability
  • PVC industry is forward thinking – Ahead of the game for climate sustainability
  • PVC is healthy - In some instances PVC is the optimum material solution

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