Euroglaze Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Experience

24th March 2022

Rehau trade fabricator Euroglaze is embracing modern apprenticeships, with two young people joining the business in finance and IT.
Amelia Bunney

Managing Director Martin Nettleton says: "Done well, in a business which is prepared to really support and nurture new recruits, an apprenticeship is undoubtedly the best way of bridging the gap between talent and experience.

“Our new joiners are getting just the right blend of off-the-job university training and on-the-job experience to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to build the foundations of their careers. Just as importantly though, because they’re fully immersed within our business and within our positive culture from the outset, they’re also learning lots of soft skills and behaviours which will make them even more valuable members of the team.”

The young apprentices at Euroglaze are Amelia Bunney, who is studying for a degree level apprenticeship in finance and Chris Gower, who is studying for a degree level apprenticeship in IT.

Martin Nettleton adds: "The Euroglaze training programme here in Barnsley isn’t confined to apprenticeships. We invest continually in the development of our team and several of our senior staff have progressed all the way from BTEC to Master’s Degree with us. In an industry which faces an even worsening skills crisis over the coming years, it surely makes sense to develop, reward and retain your own staff."

Whilst the positive and supportive culture at Euroglaze means that the business experiences unusually low levels of staff turnover, there is a consistent pattern that emerges, with many of those who leave the business believing they have found greener pastures returning to Euroglaze as soon as the opportunity arises.