Euroglaze 'Shine' in IIP Audit

8th August 2012

Machines don’t make windows, or give good service; people do. At their most recent three-yearly audit, Euroglaze were praised for their positive and empowering culture.

Euroglaze "shine" in IIP Audit

The auditor specifically praised both Martin Nettleton and Glen Park for creating an environment in which everyone from the Managing Director to the Cleaning Staff feel they have the authority to question why things are done the way they are and to suggest and implement improvements that they see possible.

He said: "It is rare to see any company, never mind a relatively small manufacturer, adopting such an open and empowered culture. I’ve seen things here that I would only expect to see in companies like Nissan!"

Investors In People (IIP) is a Government-backed initiative designed to encourage employers to focus on their workforce, to help them unleash the power and energy of their staff and to improve the working conditions at the same time. It is a real win:win for both the company, its workforce and most importantly, its customers.