Glass News Face To Face Interview With Becky Houghton, Finance Administrator and Purchasing Coordinator, Euroglaze

7th May 2021

Euroglaze’s suppliers will know Becky Houghton – she’s the finance administrator and lately also the purchasing coordinator, who sends out orders and books in deliveries. With the business enjoying record levels of demand and with big expansion plans on the horizon, she’s on the lookout for a stores’ manager to join the team.

Becky Houghton

Where were you born, and which part of the country do you currently live?

I was born in nearby Pontefract – the home of the Haribo (!), but now I live just outside of Barnsley.

Your education and the subject or activity in which you excelled…

I enjoyed art and PE but my shyness at school definitely held me back. It wasn’t until I went back to college in my 30s to do my AAT accountancy training that I really excelled.

Your favourite sports or interests…

I was always a cross-fit fan before lockdown but, once the gyms closed, I found a running partner and started running regularly. From pretty much a standing start, I ran my first half marathon distance on New Year’s Day, and I have hardly stopped since!

Your biggest regret in life…

Like lots of people, I had almost zero career advice when I was leaving school and I ended up drifting into a retail job which I didn’t really enjoy. I was only really able to kickstart my career once I joined Euroglaze in 2015 and they gave me the suppport and encouragement I needed.

Someone or something that inspires you…

Travel is one of my biggest passions so, at the moment, it’s all those presenters of travel shows tempting us to get out there again once the world opens up. I’ve explored lots of interesting places over the last few years – the most recent one was Chernobyl which I had the chance to visit in 2019 – armed with my very own radiation monitor!

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