One Year and 500 Hours Saved!

5th July 2022

Bradford-based Trade Window Outlet has just marked its one-year anniversary buying from Rehau specialist Euroglaze. During that time Trade Window Outlet's Managing Director Richard Aston estimates that he and his team have saved more than 500 hours in time that they spent trying to sort out issues with their previous supplier. One Year and 500 Hours Saved!

"We’d got so used to that way of working, especially during the worst of the pandemic when there was a sense that there was no alternative, that we’d almost forgotten what it was like to deal with a fabricator who really seemed to value our business."

The contrast with Euroglaze couldn’t have been more stark. They are very clearly better resourced than our previous supplier – even though they’re a medium rather than a large fabricator, and, in Nicky, Rosie, Janet, Gemma and Julie, they seem to have a customer service team that genuinely cares about service!"